About Lillie Mae's Place
Teresa and Donnie Richesons are the founders and owners of this great little restaurant . They started out as a barbecue stand in the community of Lakesite in Hixson Tn. It eventually grew to become a full service restaurant called Mother Teresa's..

Although business was good in Hixson,
a road widening project on Hixson Pike forced a move to Red Bank where Lillie Mae's Place was born.

 The new restaurant was named Lillie Mae's Place
in loving memory of Mrs. Richesons mother, Lillie Mae, on whose home recipes the restaurant was founded.

It didn't take long to see that the forced move was a blessing in disguise as the residents of Redbank took to Lillie Mae's like flies to honey.  The new business combined with the old regulars that followed Teresa and Donnie to Redbank, has made Lillie Mae's Place the busiest restaurant in Redbank. Of course that doesn't mean you don't get excellent service as Teresa and Donnie employ 22 people to keep things running smoothly.

Pictures of Lillie Mae's Place & Staff  


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